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 WHO IS Hanamizuki? 

Relationship between my life and kimono
I grew up in a normal family, but since I was a child I grew up in an environment where I often come into contact with kimono. Due to the influence of my maternal aunt, my mother also likes kimono, and when I came back from school, I often saw my mother in kimono.
At the coming-of-age ceremony, he gave me furisode, and when I got married, my mother took out the kimono that my aunt gave me to remake it, and gave it to me as a wedding tool.
Since the birth of my two sons, I have been wearing kimonos that I received from my aunt for my relatives' wedding ceremony, in addition to visiting the shrine, the first ceremony, and Shichigosan.
Eventually, my aunt who loved kimono died, and my mother picked up the remaining kimono, but she was also in her mid-70s. I picked up my aunt's kimono and slept at my house to keep my mother in order.
Even if you take over the kimono, it doesn't mean that you can wear it as easily as clothes, and every day you think it's a waste.
From this experience, I came to think that "I want to make it easier for my relatives to enjoy kimono without burdening me ..." and started the kimono remake business.

Kimono remake Hanamizuki

Representative Nobuko Mano Profile

After getting married at the age of 25, while raising children, he helps with clerical work as a full-time employee of a self-employed husband.

In 2011, while helping the family business, he planned and managed lectures and events for housewives. Established "Office Housewife" by a housewife with local qualifications

In 2013, a regular event by office housewife members started at a large commercial facility.

H28, Live Woman Co., Ltd.  Established

2018, kimono remake Hanamizuki start

He also studied Potential Analysis and Profiling I at Mizoguchi Mental Therapist School and obtained a qualification as a potential analyzer. He is also actively working on advising women of the same generation.


Thoughts on Hanamizuki

Spring, when dogwood blooms, is a very memorable season for me, who experienced childbirth, graduation and entrance ceremonies for my two sons, and raising children.

Even now, the dogwood flowers remind me of the child-rearing era of my young sons.

In addition, the flower language of dogwood is "permanence" and "return".

My own desire to "provide a service that will leave the kimono that has been passed down from generation to generation to the next generation in a new form ..." overlaps, and the name of the shop is "Hanamizuki" in Roman letters.

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