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Connect the inherited feelings by changing the shape

Kimono that was customized at the time of marriage and kimono that was handed over as a relic of relatives

In today's world away from kimono, even if you leave your kimono in your family, you won't be happy ...


I couldn't dispose of it because it was filled with the feelings of the person who customized it.

There are many kimonos that stay asleep in the chest of drawers.


Remake your kimono into clothes and parasols, and connect your thoughts with a shape that is easy for daughters and brides to use ...


Not only gifts for yourself, but also gifts from mothers and mother-in-law,

We would like to bring you the happy smiles of your daughter and wife.

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No two kimonos are the same. Parasols and clothes finished with kimonos that you will love and remember will be reborn as original items that are unique in the world.

Stylish color matching and patterns

Kimono has various patterns and color schemes. In addition, many designs that have been regarded as lucky charms have been used since ancient times. The patterns and color schemes that have been handed down from ancient times feel very fresh even in modern times.

Natural fiber that is gentle on the skin

The world is full of chemical fiber clothes. Although it is a familiar fiber due to its low price, the onset of allergies caused by drugs is also a problem. Kimono remakes made mainly from natural fibers such as silk do not have to worry about that.

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