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Hanamizukiでは、着物リメイクの日傘やミニ着物・ミニ日傘などのインテリア雑貨をオーダーでお仕立てしております。黒留袖や色留袖による紋を活かしたHanamizukiオリジナルデザインも、大変ご好評いただいています。(意匠権取得) 「受け継いだ想

Thoughts on kimono remake

Kimono that was customized at the time of marriage and kimono that was handed over as a relic of relatives

In today's world away from kimono, even if you leave your kimono in your family, you won't be happy ...


I couldn't dispose of it because it was filled with the feelings of the person who customized it.

There are many kimonos that stay asleep in the chest of drawers.


Remake your kimono into a parasol and connect your thoughts with a shape that is easy for daughters and brides to use ...


We would like to deliver not only gifts for ourselves, but also gifts from mothers and mothers, and happy smiles of daughters and brides.

A bespoke kimono at the time of marriage or a kimono that has been given to a person as a memento of his or her family

In this day and age, Japanese people do not often get the change to wear a kimono, so even if you gave one to your family members, they would not appreciate it.

There are a lot of kimonos that are left in my chest of drawers that cannot be disposed of because they are filled with the thoughts and feelings of the person who ordered.

Remake your kimono into a UV parasol and connect your thoughts and feelings with the shape that is easy for your daughter or daughter-in-law to use and cherish.

We would like to make your daughter or daughter-in-law smile, not only as a gift for yourself, but also as a gift from your mother or mother-in-law.


Order parasol →


One crest parasol →

Hanamizukiでは、着物リメイクの日傘やミニ着物・ミニ日傘などのインテリア雑貨をオーダーでお仕立てしております。黒留袖や色留袖による紋を活かしたHanamizukiオリジナルデザインも、大変ご好評いただいています。(意匠権取得) 「受け継いだ想

Interior →


We make custom-made parasols from the kimono of memories.

The parasol you request will be the only original parasol in the world.

It is also popular overseas as a room interior, and the traditional Japanese pattern makes the room a gorgeous space.

In addition, it is possible to make two parasols from one kimono.

How about using your family's kimono as a parasol as a gift for your sisters and relatives?

Every time you pick up a parasol, your memories will come back to life and add color to your daily life.

We make custom-made UV parasols out of memorable kimono.

The UV parasol you order will be the only original UV parasol in the world.

In foreign countries, it is also popular as an interior decoration for a room, and Japanese traditional patterns make your room look gorgeous.

Two UV parasols can be made from a single kimono.

Why don't you change a kimono that is a memento of your family into a UV parasol and give it to your sisters and relatives as a present?

Every time you pick up a UV parasol, it brings back memories and adds more color to your daily life.

ULOCO (5)ff.png

I want to make a special parasol from my favorite kimono​ To all


Original parasol by Hanamizuki with hem patterns such as black tomesode and colored tomesode and family crests arranged

All Hanamizuki parasols come with a self-fabric storage bag.


Benefits of kimono remake

Benefits of Kimono Remake




No two kimonos are the same. Parasols and clothes finished with kimonos that you will love and remember will be reborn as original items that are unique in the world.




Kimono has various patterns and color schemes. In addition, many designs that have been regarded as lucky charms have been used since ancient times. The patterns and color schemes that have been handed down from ancient times feel very fresh even in modern times.





Umbrellas have long been treated as lucky charms in Japan. It seems that there was also a custom of preparing an umbrella as one of the wedding tools. As a remnant of those days, the custom of presenting umbrellas and parasols still remains on Respect for the Aged Day, Mother's Day, and celebrations.

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