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​We will provide 3 kimonos and exchange them for 1 remake parasol.

I often talk about kimonos that stay asleep in the chest of drawers, "I don't have the opportunity to wear them," "the length and sleeves don't fit," and "I just want to organize them because they take up space." I hear it.

I think that there are many people who can't make the cut even if they buy it from a trader.

Even if the owner is not very interested in the kimono or pattern, some people like the kimono and want to remake the parasol or clothes.

At Hanamizuki, we offer a service to make parasols with your favorite kimono instead of picking up the kimono for free only if it meets the conditions.

Hanamizuki's concept is to "connect the inherited feelings by changing the shape"

I couldn't let go of it, but I hope it will be available to those who agree with me if it helps someone.

However, not all kimonos can be picked up, and the materials and patterns are limited to those that are suitable for remaking parasols and clothes. We will carefully remake and regenerate the kimono we have picked up.

Also, please note that we do not "purchase".


[Types of kimono that can be picked up]

Black tomesode, colored tomesode , furisode, visiting clothes, hanging, small pattern of pattern (preferably gorgeous pattern line)


* Basically, it is a pure silk kimono, but we also considered using wool. Please note that polyester is not applicable.

* Please contact us for some stains and stains.

[About making parasols]

For each of the above 3 kimonos, we will give you a remake parasol as a gift.

We can handle both "standard" and "high class" types.

You will need to prepare a kimono for the parasol, but you can also choose from the kimonos owned by Hanamizuki. In this case, please note that you will be responsible for the kimono fee.

It is a kimono unwinding, but if you untie it here, you will be charged a 2,000 yen (excluding tax) unwinding fee.

If you untie it yourself, there will be no unwinding allowance.

[How to pick up]

In principle, we would like you to bring it to our office in Sukaguchi.

If you live in the Owari area or around Nagoya city, we will visit you if you have a large number of kimonos and want to choose a kimono that you can pick up.

For those who are far away, we can respond by sending a photo of your desired kimono by e-mail in advance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

​Here is the kimono that has been remade as a sample by Hanamizuki.
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